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Introducing the People's Network

This is your opportunity to own a piece of the internet.

There are over 8.4 BILLION devices or THINGS connected to the internet which currently represents a $800 billion dollar industry.

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What Does a Hotspot Do
And How Can I Earn?

So, IoT Devices are things like pet trackers, temperature sensors, motion detectors that are part of security systems, smart thermostats, ebikes, scooters, and much more. These devices tend to send small amounts of encrypted data every few minutes. And when they do this on the Helium Network in range of your Hotspot, you will be there to provide wireless coverage for them. It’s a beautiful thing.

Who Else Is Doing This?

There are over

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Hotspots and growing

How Do I Maintain a Hotspot?

There’s nothing to do. Seriously.

Once it’s set up and added to the Helium Network, it will likely require zero maintenance.

Need to Know More

Watch this informative interview with Mark Phillips, the VP of Business Development at Helium Systems

Beware – this video is for Nerds only 🙂

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